Empowering change in Birmingham where energy is consumed sustainably, generated renewably and shared fairly...

Our solutions consist of renewable energy frameworks, industry leading utilities management and renewably generating technology


Renewable Energy

Procure your organisations energy from renewable and sustainable sources at competitive prices

Efficiency Technology

Distribute, generate and store renewable energy, reducing costs and creating incentivised revenue streams

Energy Management

Understand the energy you use, how and when you use it. Small changes create long term impacting results

Fuel Poverty

Fuel Poverty is a real and growing issue in Birmingham, working together with community to beat it

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Why Join?

Become Carbon Neutral

Reduce your carbon footprint by utilising energy from renewable resources

Empower Change

Empower change from the top down within your organisation on carbon reduction

Sustainable Birmingham

Be a part of creating a sustainable community through our positive platforms

Reduce Utility Costs

Reducing costs by taking advantage of critically educated purchasing decisions

Corporate Responsibility

Boost Corporate Social Responsibility within your organisation and supply chain

Fuel Poverty

Help families and homes struggling with Fuel Poverty in Birmingham