Birmingham Energy Initiative partner with the Moors Foundation

Birmingham Energy Initiative partner with The Moors

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The Solihull Moors Foundation are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Birmingham Energy Initiative: A Community Energy Project.

This move will make Birmingham Energy Initiative an official partner of the Moors Foundation and the two will work together to bring change to the Solihull community.

Birmingham Energy Initiative are an energy company with a bold vision. They are focused on empowering change through their innovative Educating Energy platform.

The energy company’s sponsoring of the Foundation illustrates their commitment to helping the community and educating those living in the Midlands.

Tom Bailey, Founder of the Birmingham Energy Initiative, is excited about teaming up with the Moors Foundation and making a real positive impact in the community.

“I am delighted to be working with The Foundation and The Moors on tackling community sustainability head on,” he said.

“Solihull Moors Foundation already do so much in the community and by working together we can reach greater areas of the community and such important subjects.

“Birmingham Energy Initiative welcomes this long term investment and partnership on making the club net-zero and providing positive platforms in the community.”

Educating the Community

It is a partnership that will see both parties come together to educate people on the importance of reducing their carbon footprint and making informed decisions about energy.

Right now one of the big focuses for the UK agenda is sustainability. The Foundation realise that not enough is being done to educate future generations on this important topic.

By working with Birmingham Energy Initiative and the Educating Energy Platform, The Foundation is looking to change that oversight.

Moving forwards, it will provide one of the first extra-curricular platforms on topical energy subjects at grassroots level in order to define the way we educate children about energy.

Becci Fox, CEO of the Moors Foundation, is buoyed by the opportunity to drive home the importance of saving energy and the community wide impact it can have.

“I am really thrilled about the partnership that we have formed with Birmingham Energy Initiative and excited about the projects that we have in the pipeline,” she said.

“Community energy projects have an emphasis on local engagement, and focus on how as a collective, the local community can benefit. Community-led action can often tackle challenging issues around energy.

“We will be working with community groups to bring people together with the common purpose to educate, inspire and engage them within the green energy agenda.

“I am hopeful that this partnership will go from strength to strength and we will see some great work carried out over the coming months and years.”

Tackling Fuel Poverty

Fuel poverty is a growing problem in the Midlands and now with Birmingham Energy Initiative on board, it is an issue that the Foundation will work to tackle head on.

Fighting fuel poverty affects both young and old. Moors hope to create a greater awareness of energy management and in tandem with the Birmingham Energy Initiative, provide alternative energy solutions. 

Education is a key cornerstone of the Foundation’s work and this partnership will see the charity introduce the topic of renewable energy into their schools programmes.

Supporting the next generation is a crucial part of the Foundation’s philosophy and this agreement is just another step towards ensuring a bright future for all.

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